Juba Clay Pigeon Traps for Shooting Clays

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JUBA Mk11 double arm, set for rabbit and away

Manual Clay Traps


Our traps are designed and built to give years of troublefree service.


All traps feature fully adjustable arm elevation and all traps can throw mini, midi, standard and battue clays.


Trap arms come in three types to throw single clays, close pairs or with the use of a two tier arm, an adjustably spaced pair.

Folding stand set to throw a close pair


Options include spring tension adjustment, and an arm adapted to throw bolting rabbits and loopers.


An adapter is available to fit two trap arms to one trap stand.


Each trap comes with a users guide including all aspects of safety.

A full range of spare parts for Juba traps of all ages are available

Ours is a very versatile trap!


JUBA Mk11JUBA Varytrap

The Varytrap


JUBA also manufactures the Varytrap motorised platform, adjustable to oscillate up to 60 degrees side to side or 60 degrees vertically.


Fit your automatic trap to it and you have DTL and ABT capabilities.


Remote control gives trap adjustment from the stand, the perfect coaching aid.





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